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Selby Plant Hire

Selby Plant HireIf you're planning a bit larger garden make-over this spring, these guys might just have what you need!

Selby Plant Hire are located at Drax just south of Selby, North Yorkshire. There is easy access to the M62 for those not in the Selby area and the A1041 is only a couple of minutes from us.

We have a wide range of Plant Vehicles available for hire, including Dumpers, Excavators and Telehandlers etc., on short or longer term hire agreements. Click here to see our present stock.

Tel. 07584 311310

Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web:- http://www.selbyplanthire.co.uk

Housewarming - Selby - 01757 212992

Housewarming Selby - 01757 212992Housewarming of Selby offer an extensive range of Woodburning and Multifuel stoves from leading manufacturers. Their showrooms boast over 40 Stoves for a variety of uses. Many of our stoves are DEFRA approved and as such are suitable for burning wood in smoke controlled areas. The beauty of burning wood is that it is a carbon neutral cycle. The tree grows and absorbs carbon - the tree is cut and burnt releasing carbon - the tree planted in its place uses carbon to grow and so on....... Given the current concern about global warming and carbon emissions this has to be a good idea.

They have a wide range of traditional and more contemporary Gas and Electric appliances - ideal for those who want the effect but don't fancy bringing in the wood or taking out the ashes.
They supply and install stoves from a number of manufacturers including Aarrow Fires, Broseley Stoves, Charnwood, Dunsley Heat, Euroheat, Franco Belge, Hunter, Morso, Esse, Parkray, Stovax, Tiger & Firefox, Villager and Yeoman Stoves. Our installation area covers the region within about 15 miles of Selby. We can perform installations outside this area on request.


56 Flaxley Road,
North Yorkshire

01757 212992

Why dredging is not the answer to flooding

Why dredging is not the answer to floodingFollowing recent flooding in Yorkshire and Cumbria many have suggested that the suspension of dredging the lower reaches of river systems is to some extend a causal effect. Without delving too deeply into fluid dynamics here is an attempt to explain how dredging has a limited but negative impact under extreme weather conditions.

As a river channel reaches its lower levels toward its estuary the base gradient enters a phase of equilibrium, with the depth required to carry the mean flow capacity maintained by a system of scouring and channel position shift. Main rivers if unconstrained meander through their flood plains at this stage of the development. Shifting from one course to another over time. This equilibrium is unbalanced when human intervention canalises the river course, forcing the river to persist in a specified and limited path. However the base gradient is still maintained and can be seen to follow a roughly consistent gradient towards the outflow.

Intuition would indicate that the mean water level would be lowered under normal conditions by dredging the river bed and intentionally deepening the channel. Unfortunately this is not the case. Although a deeper channel is technically able to carry a greater volume of water in a stable model, this is not the case when you take into account fluid dynamics. A step in the gradients caused by dredging causes turbulence in the flowing water as faster flowing water mixes with the deeper slower moving water column, this is turn reduces the flow rate to one below the rate measured if the river is unaltered. An additional consequence is that this slowed water has less energy and drops it’s sediment load. This results in banks of silt, sands and mud which under flood conditions cause the river to locally overtop its channel. A dredged river will quickly return to a state of equilibrium by the deposition of sediment in the dredged section, however the increase of sediment flow has consequences up steam where the rate of erosion increases proportionally. 

It is fair to say the clearing of submerged obstructions has great benefit, but dramatically changing the profile of a river channel by dredging is likely to have unacceptable consequences when the river is in flood and should therefore not be considered as part of a flood prevention strategy.


Starting with a splash! - Hull Hot Tub Hire

Starting with a splash! - Hull Hot Tub HireOn May 1st 2015 Hull business Hull Hot Tub Hire launches it's new hot tub hire service, Covering an area of around 30 mile radius from Hull the offer affordable hot tub hire delivered directly to you garden, with tubs available for as little as £90 for a long weekend – Friday to Monday.

Chris Margerison with the backing of his brother Paul who is director of Outdoor Living Hull is venturing into the leisure market and offering a valuable service to customers who wish to try a Hot Tub before investing, those who are planning a party or who will benefit from the therapeutic effects of a Spa. 

They presently have four models available to hire for periods ranging from four days to a week:-

The Dream

The Dreammaker X400

The Intex Pure Spa

The Lay-Z-Spa

Full details of the hot tubs are available on their website where you can also pre-book your delivery.

Hull Hot Tub Hire

52 Dairycoates Ave, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU3 5DH

07714 578993


Nameless Alpacas Arrive at New Garden Centre Fun Zone!!!!!!

Nameless Alpacas Arrive at New Garden Centre Fun Zone!!!!!!This week there were two new additions to Sammy Seeds Fun Zone at Seedlings Garden Centre….....mother and daughter Alpacas!!! The Garden Centre which is owned and operated by three generations of the Taylor family has recently increased its animal family, with the arrival of chipmunks, rare breed pigs, Rheas and a range of exotic birds.

The two alpacas are currently settling in to their new homes within the petting farm at Seedlings. Sammy Seed's Fun Zone opens at Easter after significant investment by the Taylors. The only problem for the two is that they haven't been named yet so Seedlings owner Faye Taylor hopes that the local population will help out and come up with some inspired names. Faye said "We are going to run a competition via our Facebook Page to hopefully come up with a couple of names for the Alpacas - we are looking to involve the local community on this as hopefully our fun zone within the garden centre will become a popular place for many of the local children to visit and learn about the animals"

Alpacas are from the camelid species and originate from South America. They are closely related to the Lama but are much better tempered and so are great for children to visit and get to know. There will also be the opportunity for the children to feed many of the animals as part of the Fun Zone experience.

Seedlings is getting ready for its seasonal re-launch and also has a cafe and produce shop with the Garden Centre.

For more details visit www.seedlingscarlton.co.uk

Seedlings, Hirst Road, Carlton, Goole DN14 9PX

Telephone: 01405 869622


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