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Autumn Days Out And Crafts Projects

Northern Living - Autumnal Days Out And Crafts ProjectsIt's a great time of year to get out among the trees. An autumnal walk in woodland or a local park can be especially rewarding at this time of year. The unique smells, the crisp fallen leaves and the stunning colours. It's also a time of year when all manner of free craft goodies become freely available. Acorns, beech nuts, conkers to name just a few.

Children especially love kicking about in freshly fallen leaves, instilling fond memories which last a lifetime. Why not make an enjoyable day out into a craft project the kids will love? They will be proud of the results. With a bit of board, an offcut of fabric, a little glue and some imagination you can quickly create something truly unique.

Contemporary Stove Designs

Northern Living - Contemporary Stove DesignsAs with any product multi-fuel, wood-burning and sold fuel stoves go through cyclical fashion shifts, although this might not initially be expected. For example for the last couple of years the classical or Victorian style has been at the forefront, complemented by innovative enamel colours. Some of the results were quite stunning while still complying to the conceived classical style in their general plan. This year however has seen considerable investment in innovation and a suite of new designs launch into the market from a number of manufacturers. Wood-burning stoves specifically are presently receiving great interest, an upsurge in sales throughout the country and a consequential increase in design and development investment. One of the major factors in the upturn is the fact that burning wood can be considered carbon neutral in that the wood will eventually decay and release the carbon trapped within it if it is not burned. They are also aesthetically pleasing and require the minimum of maintenance.

2014 has seen an increased number of contemporary designs in various formats - free standing, inset and cassettes. The Aarrow Ecoburn Plus (Link) for example produces an output of 14Kw and will heat the largest of domestic spaces. The Ecoburn Plus range of stoves is visually astounding with an extensive viewing glass. Offering more choice over the type of fuel burnt through the Flexifuel System, Ecoburn Plus stoves provide outstanding efficiencies along with all the features that have become synonymous with our stylish contemporary stoves.


Lifetime guarantee
Airwash system for sparkling clean glass
Stainless steel ash pan
Burns wood or solid fuel
Externally controlled riddling grate
Large fire viewing window
Flexifuel System
Primary and secondary burn to improve efficiency
Top or rear flue outlet

Full details can be found here

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Table Tots

Table Tots is a family owned small business that runs Baby and Tots Nearly New Sales around YorkshireEstablished in 2011, Table Tots is a family owned small business that runs Baby and Tots Nearly New Sales around Yorkshire. We are not part of a national company, nor are we a franchise. Our aim is to bring together local families, in a warm indoor environment, to buy sell and exchange surplus nearly new baby & tots items up to age ten. Children grow out of things so quickly, sometimes before the item is even unwrapped or played with more than a couple of times. Local charities and fund-raisers are also welcome at our events with free space available by arrangement.

Our sales are extremely popular and the concept is simple, local families selling to local families and:-

Save from landfill

Recycle pre loved Items

Help young families on limited budgets

Bring local communities together at each event, also show casing local venues and activities

Sellers: Can book their table (stall) from our website www.tabletots.co.uk

Buyers and Bargain hunters! Typically queues start 30 to 40 minutes prior to the sale opening usually at 1pm (some sale times may differ, please check website for each individual sale/event)

BABY & TOTS sales of toys, maternity wear, clothes, prams, nursery gear & safety equipment up to age ten

Nearly new, pre - loved, out grown, unwanted, buying mishaps! are all for sale at our events in and around Yorkshire, from Leeds to Brighouse to Hull, Catterick and Sheffield to name a few of our locations.

Call/SMS: 07706 227742 

Credit crunch bargains for all! Turn your unwanted, unused items into cash; maybe buy something more useful or the next size up!

Are wickless candles really safe?

Are wickless candles really any safer that plug-in air fresheners or traditional candles?Wickless candles work by heating a fragranced wax to around 50C.The heat is generated by a small bulb or LED. The majority of models are plugged into the wall socket, fragrance your room and product a gentle relaxing light. Manufacturers extol the various safety benefits of traditional candles and their more modern plug-in counterparts. So why are the such concerns about their safety?

If we start with the scented wax. It is stated by most manufacturers that the base as Paraffin wax with the addition of fragrances. Of course there is no such thing as an all-natural oil scented like birthday cake, blueberry cheesecake, or "Central Park Pralines." It's just not possible. The fragrance oils may well be promoted as not containing phthalates, but your typical "fragrance oil" may contain over 100 different chemical compounds such as amines, ethers, ketones, lactones, terpenes and thiones. Many also contain benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and other toxins shown to cause cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, neurological disorders, and allergic reactions. These compounds also get into the air and can have grave effects on the ecosystem. This article is not intended as scaremongery, the concentrations of these chemicals in the air in your room is likely to be very low. But exposing yourself repeatedly to something you know to be toxic is perhaps now wise.

Safer than a naked flame candle? The manufacturers of wickless candles use the as a major selling point. In comparison with a candle left in a room with children and animal running about the risk of fire is obviously much lower. But who would leave their kids and animals in a room unattended with lit candles? So some of the examples and claims might be a little misleading. After all wax melted and heated to 50C can give some pretty nasty burns if is were to be spilt on your skin. It will also ignite if it is in the proximity of a naked flame.

This brings us to the most readily attestable risk of wickless candles, fire caused to unit failure. The body of these products is usually a glazed ceramic which is more that capable of withstanding the stresses of being heated. However there are well documented cases of units which obviously had unseen flaws shattering and even causing fires. Check You-tube if you'd like to see some quite frightening video evidence. Not unlike plug-in air fresheners which have been proved to have caused several house fires in various countries and have been subsequently banned in various regions, you have a fairly dangerous combination of elements to leave unattended. An electrical device that generates heat, which is plugged into the mains and a volatile and flammable liquid at high temperature. It doesn't need much to go wrong for these elements to combine in a quite dangerous way.

On balance personally I think I'd be inclined to stick with fragranced candles if I feel the need to make my room smell of essence of russet apple root or potato petals.... Or perhaps open a window when I'm cooking if the fragrance of curry is unlikely to be welcome in the morning.

Annual service for wood burners, multi fuel and solid fuel stoves

Housewarming Selby offer a complete annual service for wood burners, multi fuel and solid fuel stovesAt the beginning or end of each heating season, as well having your chimney swept, your stove should undergo an annual service which will include stripping, inspecting and cleaning the appliance. It is recommended that this work is carried out by a HETAS registered installer to ensure all checks are carried out efficiently and you are safe in the knowledge that your stove is operating at it's peak performance and not allowing the ingress of Carbon Monoxide into your home. We offer a complete annual inspection and service on all solid fuel, wood burning and multi fuel stoves and we can also recommend a good and reliable chimney sweep.

After a long period out of use your stove will certainly benefit from at little care and attention. It's best to consider this service now rather than waiting until you need your heating, if minor work or spares are required it gives you chance to have the work completed without causing disruption or leaving your home cold. Also for you peace of mind we supply long lifespan CO monitors which will give an audible warning if Carbon Monoxide is detected. As the gas is colourless and odourless it can go unnoticed and presents a health hazard if there are serious issues with your stove or flue system.

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