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Defibrillator Database / Map

Defibrillator Database / MapIt was brought to my attention by an on-line friend that there is a major issue with the recording of the location of Defibrillators in the UK. Many are privately funded or funded by charitable donations – which is a great thing. It’s not so great if in an emergency the location of these life saving devices is not known!

So this Not For Profit community project is intended to address the issue. If you know the location of a Defibrillator, have one at your workplace or attached to your property wall, please add the location to this map. Save the map on your Mobile and share this article far and wide. If we save one life all our efforts will have been worthwhile.

The Map address is here

There are many great things you could do today to help others. This is one of them and it will cost you absolutely nothing!


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