Newmillerdam Autumn Walks

Newmillerdam Autumn Walks. The Pledwick, Wakefield, West YorkshireNewmillerdam is an absolute joy at this time of year. There are a series of linked trails which have been designed to help you explore the park more fully and which will give you more variety than the popular Lakeside path. All the paths have been way marked and colour coded. If you start from the main car park and want a circular walk, then follow the signs at the top of the posts. The lower indented signs on the reverse of the posts are intended for those walking in the other direction. The Boundary Walk and its extension is by far the most demanding in terms of its length, uneven ground and steepness. The other trails are suitable for most people and with a little effort, pushchairs too. After you've enjoyed your walk why not call in to The Pledwick for a bite to eat or a well earned pint?

The Lakeside Path (Blue) Distance 2kms, 1.2miles Time 30mins (Causeway route) or 2.6kms, 1.6miles Time 40mins (longer bridge route) This is the easiest and most popular walk and is suitable for all ages and abilities. There is an option to cross the lake at the earliest opportunity at the causeway, or to walk on along the whole length of the lake and cross by the bridge.

The Lakeside Path Extension (Yellow) Distance1km, 0.6miles. Time15mins. When you reach the end of the lake continue on the same side of the lake until you reach the Boundary walk (Black). Continue to follow the yellow markers until you rejoin the Lakeside Path on the other bank of the lake.

The Quiet Walk (Red) Distance 2.7kms, 1.7miles. Time 40 mins (return walk). Designed to find the quietest areas so that the sounds of the park can be appreciated, the route begins from the steps beside the main car park and ends after you have enjoyed a forest loop where you can join the Lakeside Path. You can return along the Lakeside path or retrace your steps along the Quiet Walk following the lower indented red markers on the post.

The Boundary Walk (Black) Distance 4.5kms, 2.8miles Time 1hr 15mins This is the longest and most challenging but perhaps the most rewarding of the walks within the park. The walk climbs up from the car park, through the Arboretum, through the Wood yard near the entrance from the A61 and down onto the Chevet Branch Line. After 200 metres turn left into the trees and up to the top of the rise to follow the boundary of the park all the way back to the East Lodge. The eastern section of the path is very uneven and particular care should be taken on this part. This description begins in the car park, but the walk is equally enjoyable if you start at the entrance near to the Dam Inn and take the path up to the left just after East Lodge and follow signs indented in the posts.

The Boundary Walk Extension (Green) Distance 1.9kms, 1.2miles. Time 25mins. From the top of the rise mentioned in the walk above rejoin the Chevet Branch Line and for about 800 metres until you reach an inclined path up towards the bridge to Notton. Near the top of the rise take the steps down to the footpath across the field, turn left at the hedge, cross the stream by the bridge and follow the path across the field to re- enter the park by a gate. Continue until you rejoin the Boundary walk (Black) turning to your right at the junction.



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